A Letter to The Editor, 21st/Link

From Gloria Alvino


Some of this may still seem anecdotal to those who follow the scientific way of proof. After all I remain living proof that we are much more than we seem -- proof that the Qi (the life force, the chi, the unified field, or the universal energy) can be used to heal the physical body of its state of imbalance and disease. Yet this proof is anecdotal.

Let me share with you a fragment of my life experience. I am a health professional gifted with the challenge of a chronic, seemingly auto-immune, multisystem disease called neuro-Behcet's disease. For at least over 30, and perhaps 50 years, I have experienced most of the progressive symptoms of this devastating disease. Finally, in November of 1984, after a particularly severe attack and a near death experience, I was totally separated from my active career.

During the next 11 years, I consulted with 32 specialists for diagnostic procedures in 8 prestigious hospitals in Boston, seeking help in improving my quality of life. Because neuro-Behcet's is of unknown etiology and pathogenesis, my physicians could offer me only palliatives. Because I am a perpetual student, I researched every possibility of learning how to help myself. I explored and experimented with many other disciplines and supplementary modalities of health care. Meanwhile I continued to experience exotic neurological accidents and incidents, convulsions, mini-strokes, dementia, chronic fatigue, etc.

I then incorporated Heart to Heart Associates, Inc., a non-profit 501(c)3, organization dedicated through education and the encouragement of research to help individuals improve their quality of life while exploring, expanding, and experiencing their own full potential. This life experience intensified my focus on the study of the human energy field (HEF), and the power of the human potential.

Gradually, I developed a daily procedure of hygiene, exercise, nutrition, meditation, prayer, neurolinguistic programming, imaging, and reaching out to help others -- altruistic behavior. Now I see that many of the facets of this healing routine were actually stimulating, balancing and tuning my HEF. For example, the morning stretching and spinning which I refer to as exercises as similar to yoga are actually The Five Ancient Rites from the Llamas of Tibet. These exercises stimulate the seven chakras of the body that directly relate to the seven organs of the endocrine system of a person's body. No one did double blind studies in this particular laboratory; this laboratory is my physical body.

In addition to everything else I had incorporated into my daily routine to improve my stamina and health, since September, 1994, I have added the daily practice of Yan Xin Qigong. Furthermore, since May 1995, I have included the daily ingestion of super blue green algae.

As a consequence, I continue to grow stronger than I have felt in the past ten years. At the same time, I no longer have to rely on the use of anti-inflammatory drugs like prednisone, and anti-convulsants like Klonopin to control my symptoms of the disease.

The bioenergenics of the super blue green algae have a positive effect on my brain's neuro transmitters. Japanese scientists say that these live molecules have a charge of the essential life force that opens new vistas of mind power according to Ostrander, Schroeder, and Ostrander in "Super Learning-2000."

In an article in the April-May 1995 issue of 'Body Mind Spirit, Gabriel Cousens, M.D. discusses "Microalgae, First and Finest Superfood." In it, Cousens e states that this super blue green algae, or Aphanizaomenon Flos Aquae (AFA), offers tremendous life force to the mind and the central nervous system, particularly on the master glands that are associated with the higher subtle energy systems in the brain; i.e., the pineal, pituitary, and hypothalamus.

In 1994, I was introduced to the practice of the Yan Xin Qigong. Then, on September 9, 1994, I interviewed Dr. Yan Xin for Heart to Heart on Health Issues on Brookline Cable Access Television. Dr. Yan Xin now comes to America to teach the secrets of this advanced ancient form of Qigong. He has modernized it to fulfill our current needs. In China, he has conducted many scientific experiments. Emitting external Qi, Dr. Yan Xin has caused measurable changes in the properties of several types of living -- and non-living -- materials.

Immediately, I was impressed by the power of his energy field. During his interview by Lester Strong of Channel 7, he sat at a table in the center of a room. Dr. Yan Xin was able to focus a wave of warm, vibrating energy all the way across the room directly to me. I suddenly felt this invigorating power surge through my body as though I had plugged myself in to a powerful source of light. I felt like a floor lamp that had been plugged into a wall outlet. I was 'awakened', revived, and excited. That night, I attended his weekend workshop in Cambridge.

Healed and stronger on every level, not just the physical, I acknowledge that this is all anecdotal evidence, but I know that it is proof for me; as it also is for all those who daily enjoy the power of learning as they actively participate in their own healing, and become students and teachers of The Way.

So it is that I invite, encourage, and implore you all to continue to raise your own level of consciousness, while thinking creatively, and researching diligently so that we may better quantify these experiences. The human energy field, the power of the mind, and consciousness are the new frontiers that we must now focus on. We must research and develop better systems of medical diagnosis and treatment. We must continue our quest for the expansion, exploration, and experience of the human potential. And finally, we must become more virtuous, peaceful, and practice productive living so that we may reach full recognition of our universal interconnectedness -- our super-luminal connectedness.

-- Gloria Alvino, 1-10-96,
R.Ph., B.S. in Pharmacy, M.S., Health & Human Sciences

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