BG's New World Order

Move Over, BBG!

Francis Vale

The New World Order isn't what it used to be. Instead of thundering in on swarming hordes of night-black UN choppers, the NWO might already be here in the form of MS Bob's smiling face.

Not with a bang, you see, but with a whimper, the NWO comes, crawling in on silent, digital cat feet. After all, what else does Bill Gates (BG) want, except control over the planet's entire computing/communications infrastructure? From BG's perch high in his Teledesic satellite heavens, to his control over your PC telephony conversations, to how you write words and numbers to express your thoughts, the Redmond NWO wants it all. How can the feeble wheezings of the UN's meister, BBG, compare with such a vision for digital global conquest?

Do you see Larry King interviewing BBG? No. It's been BG. Do you see Jay Leno cavorting with BBG in the halls of the UN? No. It was with BG in last year's Citizen Kane-style Win95 politico-carnival. Was it the UN's powder blue you saw playing over New York City skyscrapers with star searing light? No. It was BG's garish colors illuminating his Win95 King Kong atop the Empire State. Was it the UN who bought out and paid for an entire run of the London Times just so it could feature BBG's NWO message? No. This historical first belongs to BG and Win95 alone. And has it been BBG's image appearing on more print and TV spots than even O.J.'s ? No. It's been BG's.

The emerging picture of the true NWO gets even scarier. Try this one: The vaunted Win95/MS Network has a fiendish mechanism that totally incapacitates all other Internet providers/Web browsers! You see, WIN95's 32-bit TCP/IP stack is implemented not as a dynamic Link Library (DLL), but as a Virtual Device Driver (VxD). When you upgrade to Windows95 and install TCP/IP to access the Internet via MS Net or use any of the new remote-access features, the performance improvement wrought by the VxD architecture is obvious. As long as your Win95/Internet apps use the NWO-supplied VxD, you are OK.

But there is no free lunch, is there? Because cleverly, quietly, under your very nose, the BG NWO renames your existing WINSOCK.DLL file to WINSOCK.OLD. The result? Next time you try to access the Internet again via your regular provider/browser, access denied! All the Internet access providers that rely on using that trusty old WINSOCK.DLL file just got nuked, courtesy of Smiling Bob.

(If you look in your Windows directory you might find both WINSOCK.OLD and WINSOCK.DLL. But if the MS Internet Explorer is installed, it seems that everytimeWin95 is started up, the WINSOCK.DLL is rendered helpless as WINSOCK.OLD.)

Its only those "proprietary' WINSOCK replacements, such as Compuserve's, that can cause problems. So under BG's NWO, too bad for all those other companies! BG has done nothing to make any simpler the whole complicated issue of running two different TCP/IP stacks. BG's NWO owns the directory, lot, stock, and barrel. Stack ISVs/providers must now assume that MS will seek to annihilate anybody who ventures onto its home directory turf.

So BG's NWO has almost chopped off all your 'net options for communicating with the outside world, except via his own kludged devices. And now, with the apparent demise of the MS Network business model, BG is making his NWO moves onto the global Internet itself.

Your conversations. Your thoughts. Your daily dealings, personal and private. What software you use. Your business. How much of this is being done under Smiling Bob's' software aegis? Smiling Bob doesn't need to break down your door to gain entry into your personal life. He's already there, everywhere. Can ATF troopers match that feat? Does the IRS know all the particulars of your computer system, its files, and capabilities? No, but BG can find out when you 'register' on-line via his MS Network.

A packet sniffer will show nothing out of the ordinary as data from your drive is transmitted back to NWO HQ, except a small, unidentified number of bytes (about 30) at the beginning of the packet which are not ANSI data. 30 bytes, or 240 bits, can encode an amazing amount of encrypted info. Too paranoid? Well, what about the fact that BG's NWO used this clever registry trick to not only find out what MS applications you are using, but also to search your data files to see whose non-Microsoft software was on your disc! Ever wonder why you got all those tantalizing MS Word/Excel/PowerPoint 'competitive' upgrade offers right after you installed and registered Win95? Now you know. The BG NWO was quietly at work.

Or suppose your company's product name was unfortunate enough to appear on the now infamous list of 2,600 applications, utilities, and other tools that BG et al listed as being incompatible with his new OS. Do you really imagine that BG and company tested each and every one of those 2,600? Already, ISVs are crying foul, saying that it looks like almost no such testing was ever done. Regardless, users are now shying away from many companies' products because of the 2,600 blacklist stigma. Shades of Joe McCarthy's infamous red-baiting! How Tailgunner Joe would have salivated at having the awesome marketing propaganda tools that BG now has.

And pretty soon, BG intends to have control over your TV via the new generation of MS-driven set top boxes. BG has already inked a deal with NBC to have access to its news program content. Control over your TV watching. Influence over what you see as news. MS News manufactured on demand by D.O.J. questioned marketing practices.

The sky-is-falling NWO watchers had better look down, not up. Their virulent, MS Word-generated, newsletters, Win95 TAPI faxes, and Internet/MSN bulletin board postings are all being done right under Smiling Bob's watchful gaze. The NWO specter isn't coming in the form of black helicopters carrying blue helmeted storm troopers. Instead, it may have already arrived via prettily packaged, shrink wrapped boxes.

Who could have foreseen that our New World Order future was going to be;
"Is that cash, or charge?"

The Bottom Line

Home Users: No kids left at home to tell you how everything works on your computer? Why fight the inevitable? Just succumb. Things are getting more complex, not simpler. It's all part of BG's master NWO plan.

Business Users: Plan to make the Internet a part your organizational Intranet? Using NT servers to run your whole business? Well, who needs to worry about hackers now that you have turned over the keys to BG's NWO kingdom.

Power Users: First, the extraordinary, still-better-even-today-than-WIN NT, Commodore Amiga died. Now Apple is on the ropes. And the UNIX community still can't figure out what to do about slowing down Microsoft. So repeat again and again: "Resistance to BG is useless. Resistance to BG is useless..."

-- February 1996

Copyright 1996, Francis Vale, All Rights Reserved

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