Journey Into Another Dimension

Have a Nice Trip!

Gordana Vitaliano , M.D.


The Ultradisc CD (#656) and LP from Mobile Fidelity of the "Fantasy Film World of Bernard Herrmann" contain music that takes you to another dimension of reality; into the world of fantastic, mythical, archetypal beings, monsters and deities. The movie scores on this recording are from a Who's Who of classic Sci-Fi films. Produced by Raymond Lew in 1974, this is a musical milestone in the film score genre.

The music's driving percussion activates your memory circuits, and you suddenly remember one of your favorite old-time science fiction movies, "Journey to the Centre of the Earth". You then try hard to recall in detail all of the movies listed on the CD ("The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad", "The Day the Earth Stood Still", and "Fahrenheit 451"). But the screen memories are all mixed in with fairy tales that you used to listen in your childhood before going to sleep. All that you can remember are your fantasies about these movies, and the bedtime stories.

Herrmann's works introduce a new dimension of dancing light and sound. His music connects you directly with your unconscious mind. You find yourself suddenly surrounded by fantastic creatures from your past and future, all coming into the present, here and now. Listening to the harps at the beginning of sunrise, you sink deeper and deeper into the lower levels of consciousness, below the surface of every day awareness, below the surface of the earth.

An incredible assemblage of harps, woodwinds, organs, and brass instruments trigger more and more mental images. They are coming from your own psychic world. You now embark on a journey into the mysterious inner realm of the mind. This world promises complete joy and happiness, but at the same time, it is dangerous and frightening. Music is the most powerful vehicle into another dimension.

If you do not believe in the power of movie music, I suggest you turn off the sound, and then watch a movie. Now feel the difference. The images can be powerful, but the music, if done right, is what controls your emotional state. So when you sit down in your "holy spot" to listen to this CD, forget about which movie is which, and just listen.

Hear the music, the sounds of another world, that will connect you directly with the magic of the unknown. The masterful performance of the National Orchestra on this recording will serve as the map on your journey. Bernard Herrmann is your conductor and guide.

First, you will enter the underworld. You will come face to face with terrible creatures that threaten your very existence. They will remind you of your primordial fears of death. But your strivings to stay alive are also triggered by the woodwinds, harps, and brass instruments playing in the low registers, as they connect you with the power of Mother Earth and its ever lasting fire of life.

This overwhelming energy from the center of the earth approaches you as a giant serpent, similar to ones in your most lucid dreams. In Herrmann's score, such an extraordinary reptile can only be resurrected by a rarely played medieval instrument called, appropriately enough, the serpent. As soon as you overcome the serpent and the fear of death, you become relaxed as you hear the beautiful melody of distant harps. But this joy is short lived.

For here it comes: a giant chameleon, the powerful dragon protecting the doors of the New Age's mystical world of Atlantis. This war to unearth your inner mysteries is not over yet. You might be eaten alive by this creature. The terrible panic of being eaten by Mother Nature suddenly emerges. Do not fear! Just follow the music and you will survive, awakening in yet another world.

You will find yourself in a most beautiful place, a place that only Sinbad has once before seen -- it is the world of "mystical innocence". Herrmann's unusual combination of instruments makes various ghosts and deities come alive. You are singing and dancing with your own deities. The world is filled with joy, love and happiness. You are immersed in vibrating colors and sounds as only found in the most exciting Arabian nights.

But an unexpected guest has come to your party -- it is death again. This time, death comes in the form of a skeleton announced by xylophones. You do not know what will happen to you. Fear of the future overwhelms you, but undaunted, you continue to travel directly to Baghdad.

The opium-like enchanted music makes you feel like you want to stay there forever. You are attracted to beautiful woman-like deities -- the nymphs. They are taking you deeper and deeper into the mystical world. Unfortunately, this is not the happy ending of your journey.

New terror suddenly comes. You must die yet again in order to awaken on a new level of consciousness. Electronic instruments are announcing the arrival of a man from another world. He is a man empowered by higher knowledge, unknown technologies, seemingly magical powers, and is accompanied by an awesome, superman-like machine. This alien man and his machine are frightening, and threaten to destroy you and your world. They can make the whole world stand still, for suddenly, there is no electricity -- All of life's activities on earth come to an abrupt stop. You are facing total destruction; not only of your body, but of your soul, too. The end of the world is coming.

These aliens might kidnap you, mutate your genes, change your personality, transplant a new brain into your skull, or implant a fiendish thought-controlling chip into your brain. What terror you are going through! Are you becoming mad? Are you losing your mind? Your manic thoughts are pulled along by a series of constantly repeating piano sequences. And driving percussion is deeply disturbing your mind. Is this fantasy or reality?

While you are fervently asking yourself "to be, or not to be?", a beautiful melody of harps enters, and takes you further and further away from menacing UFOs, robots, and alien beings, and into the distant future of Fahrenheit 451.

You are being carried along by a fire engine, all moving together with a cascading xylophone sequence. Fire is all around you. It is destroying all existing knowledge. This is the end. The old word disappears in the flames. The new world is born out of the ashes. Like the Phoenix bird, art and life are coming back from the ashes.

An uplifting feeling of complete joy and happiness overwhelms you. A fire in your heart is lifting you higher and higher, up and above the flowers of fire and straight into the pure light. You are free of all dogmas, limitations, constructions and obstructions. The incredible unison of pure light and sound is now vibrating, dancing, pulsating and spinning all around you. You are one with the Universe. You are one and whole.

This is the finale. You are one with the light, sound, and the music; unified with the fantasy world of your own total being. Bernard Herrmann's music was your vehicle during this fantastic journey into the mysteries of your consciousness, and the encounter with your own self.

Herrmann obviously found his inspiration and composed this music by experiencing other realities. You now have his remarkable work to expand your own consciousness and experience a new world.

This excellent Mobile Fidelity recording, "The Fantasy Film World of Bernard Herrmann", is your link to another dimension. Plug it in, and have a nice trip!

Copyright 1996, Dr. Gordana Vitaliano , All Rights Reserved

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