A Bunch Of Cool Stuff For No Sweat Enjoyment

Francis Vale

Lutron AuroRa

Ra was the great Sun god of ancient Egypt, illuminating all before him. Flash forward several millennia and we have his up to date incarnation, the $950 AuroRa home lighting control system from Lutron, the perfect DIY gift this holiday season. No mystical incantations needed to illuminate your house as you pull into the driveway on a dark rainy night.  Just tap the AuroRa remote on the car visor and your home beckons brightly lit and safe.  You can even link AuroRa into your home security system. If tripped, your house and driveway lights flash a warning to neighbors and police. Even ancient pharaohs never have had it so good.



RemoteLinc Insteon Wireless Remote Control

Just built that hundred-room mega-mansion with your hedge fund score, but still feeling left in the dark? No problem. With the $50 RemoteLinc Insteon Wireless Remote Control you can use any of its six buttons to control up to 417 Insteon devices, which use both existing wires (powerline) in the home and radio-frequency communications to remotely control and automate lighting, appliance and home control applications of all types. The Insteon remote also offers all on & off, and dim/bright light settings. Dazzle guests and illuminate passers by with your own remotely controlled light show!

INSTEON PowerLinc Controller and mControl software

Computer junkie or couch potato who likes to be in absolute control? Look no further than the $125 INSTEON PowerLinc Controller and mControl software that turn your TV set using Windows XP Media Center Edition or your laptop’s Windows XP browser into your very own mission control center. Kick back on the couch with a cool one and easily control all your lighting, sprinkler systems, HVAC, and security cameras. Just plug them all into Insteon controllers that use both existing wires (powerline) in your home and radio frequency communication. Life is sweet. Hey, pass the chips!

PromaxUSA Wireless Home Security Cameras

Want to know whose been stealing your Wall Street Journal from in front of your door while you’re away? Get one of PromaxUSA’s awesome 802.11g wireless PRO-PZ6114 cameras that feature an embedded IP server.  This $750 color camera features motorized pan, tilt, and 10X optical/digital zoom that can be remotely operated from anywhere in the world using your laptop. The camera uses an MPEG-4/JPEG compression engine to send color video to you over any broadband connection. It will even e-mail you pictures when its intelligent motion detection system catches the WSJ-snatching cretin in the act. Via an Internet Explorer browser you can receive synchronized full color video & audio anywhere, anytime. It’s 2-way audio system means you can also yell at the creep while you are sitting in your hotel room in Bangkok.  Sweet.

Marvel Comic Book Creator

This is one seriously sweet DIY project for just $5 bucks! —Create your own personalized comic books featuring your favorite Marvel characters! At only 10 bucks, the Marvel Heroes Comic Book Creator is the perfect DIY stocking stuffer. All your favorite heroes are here, like Wolverine, Spiderman, DareDevil and Ironman.  Each character comes complete with a huge array of close-ups, medium shots and long shots in almost any pose (X rated scenes are up to you, as you can import your own drawings and edit them). There are over 300 pieces of ready-made, authentic Marvel art to choose from, along with over 100 layout and design templates. Fill up those comic word balloons with @#$% expletives!  You can also import your own personalized sound effects and voiceovers! For only ten bucks, this is just way too cool for a DIY.



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