The Day The American AV Dream Died, Cont.

As for sonically mating the Mythos Ten to the big all-ribbon Omega’s, these two couldn’t keep their piston and panel paws off each other. The pair seamlessly coupled their private audio parts together in a way that demanded their own amateur porn video.

I didn’t wall hang the Mythos Ten. Instead, I plunked it down on the same thick carbon fiber shelf from Black Diamond Racing as the GT30 sat on.

The Black Diamond Racing Shelf is some kind of weird voodoo. It turns stray audio vibrations and wandering electrical resonances into the not talking, walking dead. The GT30 and the Mythos Ten regularly beg that I continue with the live poultry sacrifices.

Resonance, you are dead to me

But how to drive the Mythos Ten, as well as my two M&K rear channel speakers? The solution was simple. The mighty Magtech amp was now powering the full range ribbon Omega’s. That freed up the all-powerful Sunfire 5-channel Cinema Grand Signature amplifier, which previously had been running in bi-wire mode and driving the Omega big ribbons.

I rousted out the sleeping Cinema Grand, hooked it up with the Mythos Ten center channel and the two rear M&K surrounds, and promptly got everybody shaking in a rollicking three way.

Adding to all the rollin’ and rockin’ were the incredible Nordost Valhalla speaker wires running to the three front channels, with Nordost Blue Heaven cables handling the rear channels.

Speaking of wires, Oppo recommended using its XLR stereo output channels instead of the RCA ports, as they supposedly offer better sound quality. The Sunfire TGIII doesn’t have any XLR audio inputs, but it does have multi-channel XLR outputs for the amps.

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