Riding The Musical Surroundings Train, Cont.

For loading the MC20E2, you can set the Nova Phonomena's switches at the MC's full open tap, 47k ohms. Many in the MC camp swear by this totally undamped setting as they like all the extra "detail" and "openness".   

But this is a theology-charged audio topic. All the air and extra musical facets are much more likely a result of false information being passed due to significant peaking, an inherent characteristic in MC designs. Others swear by loading down the MC and using much lower input settings, like 280 ohms, to avoid the rising frequency response.  

I tried input settings of both 47k ohms and 280 ohms with the MC20E2. No contest. 280 ohms gave a significantly more realistic, more relaxed, and more grounded musical presentation. You want ringing in your ears, go to Iraq and defuse IED's.

Finally, you have that great capability of unplugging and running the Nova Phonomena for several hours off its internal battery. Every AC noise making electrical gremlin is shut out, no more pouring in through the wires and drowning out the music. The battery feature alone is worth its weight in electrified gold. Just, hey, could you please lose that big spooky red eye when it's recharging?

In sum, don't let the analog train pass you by. And I cannot think of a more cost effective and better way to emotionally reconnect with your long lost music than this big analog locomotive from Musical Surroundings.



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