Polk XRt12 XM Radio Reference Tuner Review, Cont.

Francis Vale


So what price this high in the atmosphere glory?  When I first got the XRt12 for review, the monthly subscription plan for basic XM satellite radio service was $9.99 month, which got you 68 commercial-free music channels, 33 channels of news, sports, talk and entertainment, and traffic and weather.  In addition, there were extra cost premium channels and events, just like cable and satellite TV offer.

But in March 2005, XM Radio announced a monthly service price hike to $12.95 a month.  The previously premium cost High Voltage channel ($1.99/month to hear Opie and Anthony ad infinitum) and XM Radio Online ($3.99/month) are now part of the basic service plan. (Playboy radio is still not included though, if that has any meaning for you.) XM Online gives you 75 XM channels that you can play via your computer, no XM Radio required, so getting this otherwise premium feature is cool when you are on the road or at your desk. As for 24 nonstop hours of Opie and Anthony, please!

Bottom line, once you hear XM Radio via the outstanding XRt12 tuner from Polk, you will be hooked. Don't say I didn't warn you.


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