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Listen up. Get some vinyl, a set of glowing tubes, and a good set of speakers.

“Yeah, right, so like how do I do that while paying off all these goddamn student loans?”

All true, Bro. It’s a bitch to come up with extra scratch when all you’ve got left from your various paychecks is enough to buy a tank of gas and a little tofu.

But music is life, right?

Suck it up, quit smoking, and cut down on the rec drugs and drinking and sock away that suddenly extra ching. Then go bag a pair of good sub-$1,000, 8-ohm speakers with a sensitivity of at least 87dB (there are many such available, like the NHT Classic 3’s).

For vinyl playback, less than $400 bucks goes a long way these days: put the Pro-Ject Debut III and Rega P1 players at the top of your low cost/best buy list. They both come complete with tonearm and cartridge.

Now comes the good part where you finally collect on your quit smoking bonus. Going without heavily taxed butts for about one year easily = a $2,250 Manley Stingray integrated tube amp. In the high-end audio world, some people pay much more than that just for component connector wires (BTW, check out Nordost for wires, like the superlative Red Dawn series that won’t break the bank).

Doing without $5-$6 a pack a day cigarettes and saving the change from that dead Hamilton over a year easily gets you all these great gear goodies. And like, they won’t try to kill you. Cut back some more on the drugs and drinking and you also get to buy a shit load of brand new vinyl.  Mercifully, getting laid is still free, mostly. And what about the Student Loan Man? He even gets paid.

So what’s up with the funky looking Stingray?

EveAnna Manley Landed This One


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