Sunfire CRM-2 & SubRosa, Cont.

A pair of CRM-2’s will set you back $1,600. But to get the absolute best out of them you need to spend more bucks on a great subwoofer. And as I learned, not just any premium subwoofer will do. To get them singing right, you must spring for Sunfire’s new SRS-210R “SubRosa” subwoofer, which empties another $3,500 from your wallet.

For your big bucks you get a serious piece of subwoofer kit. Like the CRM-2, the SubRosa bristles with Bob Carver innovations.  The sub and its twin 10” high-back-EMF long throw woofers measures 14.25 wide by 44.5” long by just 3.5” high, and weighs in at almost 60 pounds. The big sub is pitch perfect from 18Hz to 115Hz, with 110dB SPL peaks.

Sunfire SubRosa subwoofer

It’s beautifully done up in a handsome ebonized rosewood finish (whatever), and can be positioned missionary style flat on its back, or banished to under your couch, or brazenly mounted vertically or horizontally on your room’s drywall. (It also comes in an in-wall version.) The SubRosa has a patent-pending feature that permits wall mounting without causing a shower of plaster confetti. It’s called “StillBass”

Its unique “I-BEAM anti-shake device” (Hello? San Andreas?) offers up great bass definition and prodigious depth, but without allowing much overall movement in the SubRosa enclosure. Too bad. It would have been fun to hang it up and hear the varmints in the walls go shithouse.

The StillBass I-Beam

The SubRosa comes with its own 2,700-watt amplifier, the SRA-2700EQ, which also has a built-in crossover and auto-equalizer. You can insert the SRA-2700EQ between a preamp and amp, or insert it into a preamp’s tape loop, or use a surround processor/receiver’s sub-out connector.

The front panel of the very low profile SRA-2700EQ sports a variety of controls, including a sub output level adjustment control; a 0-180 degree continuously variable phase adjustment knob; and a high frequency cutoff control that’s infinitely variable between 30Hz to 100Hz and whose final setting bypasses the crossover completely.

Room equalization of the SubRosa is automatically calibrated by setting up the supplied microphone at your preferred listening position and using the SRA-2700EQ’s EQ program.

Still feeling lumpy around the deep edges? Manually tweak the auto EQ results by using the SRA-2700EQ’s four-band equalizer.

Another front panel control, “Equalizer Authority”, let’s you determine how much the built-in equalizer affects output of the SubRosa. During normal listening, you can adjust the overall EQ from none to fully equalized so if your first band has a 6 dB boost, setting this control to 50% would make it boost only 3 dB.


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