Sunfire CRM-2 & SubRosa, Cont.

Between setting correct speaker height for just The One and also stereo seating for one if you’re Mr. Big the CRM-2’s could comprise a complete DIB system (Divorce In a Box). But the same could be said for almost any high-end stereo rig, especially when wifey learns you blew the kid’s college fund on speaker and connector cables. (An awesome Harvard tuition buster is Nordost Valhalla wires.)

So the CRM-2’s are more of a pain in the ass than usual to setup. But once it’s done, it’s done—or maybe not. The CRM-2’s came from Sunfire with wall-mounting brackets (model ACC-2WB) obviously designed by a disgruntled Iraqi war planner. After spending all that time and effort getting everything dialed in just so, and then watching one or both CRM-2 start to sag as low as GM stock because the clamps lost their grip on tight reality really, really sucked. Mission Accomplished.

The ACC-2WB for the CRM-2 In its Preferred Position

Rightly pissed we were, mate; ditto for having to now fill in all those new holes in my listening room wall. I ended up getting a pair of conventional speaker stands.

Sunfire recommends several hundred hours of use before the CRM-2’s really start to sing, and in my experience, the company is absolutely right.  If you sonically judge this speaker fresh out of its box you will be sorely mistaken.

Like its Amazing older brother, the diminutive CRM-2 features prodigious SPL handling capabilities. It's also likely the CRM-2’s side-firing, dual 4.5” woofers will cry uncle before the 6” ribbon does.  The CRM-2, sans SubRosa, has a rated frequency response that starts at 95Hz, up to a give-a-bat-a-heart-attack 40Khz.

Although the CRM-2’s have a rated sensitivity of 90dB @6ohms and can get by with just 25 watts, to deliver their full, undistorted 115dB SPL you should be using much more juice. Unload a big 400 watt pallet into these little guys, crank the volume knob up to 10, and happily await a pitchfork bearing Neighborhood Watch to bang down the front door.



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