Sunfire CRM-2 & SubRosa, Cont.

Used as a stereo setup and driven by my 200W/channel Sunfire Ultimate Receiver surround processor, these two little guys threw a huge sound stage; way bigger than the CRM-2's petite little ass would appear possible to support.

Like all great ribbons, the mids and highs were beautiful; bang on smooth and transparent. The CRM-2’s delivered a solid upper cut to its piston and domes-only competition.

However the low mids and upper bits lacked a similar knock out punch, leaving some rope a dope room for rival products. But squaring off with the CRM-2 and jabbing away at its somewhat wimpy midsection could get a rival slammed to the mat when the big SubRosa piled on.

The SubRosa worked terrifically and seamlessly with the CRM-2’s. Below 100hZ, it was all deep down shake your booty action. I had placed the SubRosa below my listening sofa, so as an extra bonus my own booty got a thorough jiggling.

With the SubRosa properly dialed in, I had a perfectly balanced sub/sat system that rivaled some well-known, much larger floor-standing speakers, and occupied far less space.

A pair of CRM-2’s and a SubRosa hits over five grand for the lot; a price point in the high-end audio market with many great speakers on offer. Out of cost cutting curiosity, I substituted a Sunfire Signature subwoofer, another almighty bass beast, but which costs about 50% less than the SubRosa.

I used the Signature’s controls plus my Ultimate Receiver’s settings to dial in as close I could to the SubRosa configuration. No joy. The Signature sub and the CRM-2 wouldn’t musically tango. It was the SubRosa or nothing—And using nothing is not a bad option. 

The CRM-2 sans sub is a highly musical creature. It’s better than many mini-monitors I have heard in that price range ($1,500 or so), and superior in some upper range respects to others costing considerably more.  But the SubRosa is so good, works so well with the CRM-2, it flat out spoils you. Going back to a sub-less CRM-2 setup is like leaving the house clad only in your underpants.  You, and others, quickly realize something is seriously missing.


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