Sunfire CRM-2 & SubRosa, Cont.

Up to now, my fave monitor-sized LCR reference for home theater had been the M&K S-150P. Each of these self-powered monitors costs a cool $2,200 apiece.  The M&K’s are rock solid, incredibly dynamic, knock you on your ass speakers. Think of them as monitors for head bangers. They still need a sub for best results, but are very promiscuous and happily mate with most any old woofer.

M&K went away for a while, but thankfully are now back in biz, calling themselves MK Sound Systems and distributed in the US under the Dolphin Group moniker. The self-powered S-150 units no longer seem to be available, but their conventional amp powered counterparts, the S-150’s, are available for $1,200 each, or $2400 pair. That makes the new MK’s a third more expensive than a pair of $1,600 CRM-2’s.

If you are looking for overall slam-bang sound, then the self-powered M&K SP-150’s still rule. But the CRM-2’s incredibly high definition and holographic presentation makes for a much more believable and thrilling surround experience than the M&K S-150P. It’s also an open question if the conventional, non-powered M&K S-150 wouldn’t suffer in comparison to its all powered up, apparently now dearly departed S-150P sibling.

For the rear surrounds I was using M&K SS-150THX tripole speakers, another outstanding product. But in all likelihood that special CRM-2 surround effect would be enhanced even more with a pair of CRM-2BIP’s anchoring the rear.

Sunfire CRM-2BIP Rear Surround Speaker

A complete surround system of three CRM-2’s a SubRosa, and a pair of CRM-2BIP’s comes in at bit less than 8 grand, retail. Even so, this kind of thrilling surround performance comprises a recession stimulating deal.

“Amazing” what an extra little ribbon can do, huh?


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