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The Hsu TN-1220HO doesn’t go putt-putt-putt or blat-blat-blat. It just makes enormously musical sounds, and does so without any discernable distortion. The Omega’s, of course, weren’t so happy about doing their low-end job again.  But quite wonderfully, even without the Hsu crossover chillin' the bass panels, the TN-1220HO still more than compensated for their ribbon-making complaints. The whole system was now much more musically generous and satisfying. It was a terrific stereo-only setup.

But to see just how much concrete dust I could shake off my high-rise neighbors’ apartments with the TN-1220HO, I also installed this sub in my home theater rig. If you want deep sub sounds, then get a deep sub DVD, as in a real sub, like the one in the film U571.  As the fleeing U571 was being pounded by depth charges, likewise, the pounding commenced on my apartment floor and ceiling by irate neighbors. Although using my hapless neighbors as an SPL meter is not the best way to keep community relations rosy, it was a deeply satisfying moment all around.

As another movie mayhem example, The Fifth Element is one of my all-time fav flicks, and when the alien spaceship lands in the beginning of the film and its massive door opens in front of the now frantic priest, the TN-1220HO made it sound—and feel—like a wall in my room instead was coming down.  Let there be no doubt, this Hsu sub can kick out the way down dB’s, easily up to and past the 110dB mark.  I never tried using this sub behind or under my sofa, but I think it might might give your ass a concussion.

Whether it be playing delicious music or bringing the home theater police to your door, the Hsu TN-1220HO subwoofer and Hsu 500 watt amplifier get a very strong recommendation.

Hsu Research TN-122HO Subwoofer

Vendor: Hsu Research

Manufacturer’s Specs

Frequency Response
+/-1 dB 18 Hz up, to -6dB at crossover (Linkwitz-Riley alignment) using our crossover or amp

Power Handling
250 W rms 18 Hz up

Nominal Impedance
4 ohms

93 dB @ 1m, 2.83V rms in the mid to upper bass in half space

Seamless black knit cloth

12 inches in diameter, 51 inches high (with spikes)

Shipping Weight
36 lbs

Black-anodized aluminum spiked feet (three)

Outboard Amp?

5 years warranty against manufacturing defects


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