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The Godzilla Brothers do Some German Twins: Say hello to the mighty monoblock amplifiers from Sanders Sound Systems. They will rock your world, and probably your neighbors, as well.

The Day The AV Dream Died; the Panasonic GT30, Oppo BDP-95m and Mythos Ten review, plus some more good AV stuff. Buckle up, Bubba. It's Going to be an Expensive Ride

The Magtech AmplifierA Happy Ending From Colorado

The Benz Micro Ace SL S Phono Cartridge—One Mating Dance You Want To Get Exactly Right

The Analysis Omega Ribbon Speakers Vs. Magico—Oh My Aching Balls; The Brain Hates Perfection

Sunfire CRM-2C Ribbon Hybrid Speakers & SubRosa Subwoofer; A Threesome Is Always Better

The Manley Stingray Tube Amplifier; Size Queens Need Not Apply

The Arcam rDock; When Too Little Information Is Just Too Much

Fujitsu Eclipse TD307PAII Speakers and Amplifier, for the desktop or for a way cool surround system Indulge the Impulse

The pundits are falling all over themselves trying to explain why listening to analog vinyl is suddenly in.   Francis Vale says screw the talking heads.   Just hug vinyl, not trees. And get a Clearaudio Talismann phono cartridge.

Has the analog train passed you by? We decided it was time to see if we really needed a ticket to ride. We board the Musical Surroundings Analog Express and find they have an analog locomotive that will get you there there, Gertrude.

I knew it was time I joined the secret musical society and found out what was up with all those bars, lines and squiggles. So I took the plunge and learned, kinda, how to be a piano virtuoso in 10 easy steps, thanks to Yamaha's DGX-220 MIDI Portable Keyboard. Making musical mayhem was icing on the cake.

Crazy Russians, awesome Cubans, and some really rad hardware shoot the Banzai Pipeline as we have a look at the totally outrageous Manley WAVE tube preamplifier + DAC.

Time for some deep bass mayhem and to piss off your high rise neighbors. Check out this review of the mighty black sub-missile otherwise known as the Hsu Research TN-1220HO subwoofer and the accompanying Hsu 500 watt amplifier with built-in crossover.

Something amazing this way came, which must be heard to be believed, namely the Manley Neo-Classic SE/PP 300B tube amplifiers.

Has Clear Channel finally made your radio listening anything but? Are you ready to leave earth in search of intelligent radio life in outer space? Then look no further, and check out this review of XM satellite radio and the great Polk XM radio....

Get wired so you can chill..Read On.

The Stefan AudioArt Equinox Headphone Cable and the Musical Fidelity X-Can V3 Headphone AmpShock and Awe For Less Than $1,000

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