Fujitsu Eclipse TD307PAII Speakers and Amplifier

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To my immense pleasure, and not a little bit of amazement, the $850 Fuji’s enjoyed being pimped.  They accurately responded, just as any good high-end speaker would, to the amazing SPM’s by yielding more depth, clarity and focus with the new wires in the loop. The TD307PAII speakers had shown themselves to be first class mini monitors. 

Like all good mini monitors, the Fuji’s also imaged like crazy, with the added bonus of a vast soundscape. (Nordost has all your AV connection bases covered. From low cost, to, oh my god, you paid you how much? Check them out at

Now it was time for my final, best system configuration. I recently installed the awesome RME Audio Hammerfall DSP 9632 PC Sound Card. This sound card vaults an ordinary computer into superhero high-end audio status.

I used the jitter free, S/PDIF output on the RME card to connect to the Sunfire receiver. I now had access to my huge computer library of uncompressed WAV albums (gigabytes are basically free, friend).

So, OK, I then got a little crazy. I unhooked the Fujitsu 12-watt amp and directly wired the little speakers into the 400-watt/channel Sunfire receiver--Tantamount to strapping a scared shit sparrow on a Saturn V rocket and watching what happens. The result was not one fried little driver, but a majestic, soaring, transformation. 

The TD307PAII speakers took wing and absolutely thrived on their newfound musical powers. With 400 watts wailing away the Fuji’s could go effortlessly loud and still be faultlessly clean. (The Sunfire TGIII receiver is great sounding, a take that to the bank characteristic of all this terrific company’s amps.

With the Sunfire sub and receiver, RME card, and Nordost SPM cables all happily hooked up, the TD307PAII speakers were judged ready to take on “Portrait of a Songwriter”, an album by Eleanor McEvoy. She’s pleasant looking--with a badass bitch’s blood coursing her veins.

Track 1, “Isn’t It a Little Late?” is one mean mother of a mix; a bitter subterranean complaint about love labor’s lost. If your speakers are crap, this cut’s seismic bass line will do a sadistic whack job.

The small Fuji’s, with the deep assist of the Sunfire sub and strapped into a 200-watt harness, rodeo’d the big bucking bass down to the ground. McEvoy’s voice and percussion accompaniment came riding through triumphant, a flashbulb of stunning illuminated accuracy. Who says boom-boom bitterness can’t be fun?

Used as a set of desktop speakers, the Fuji’s totally own all other multimedia speakers. Yeah, sure, the TD307PAII speakers are not for headbangers, or Ring’ing you off into total Wagnerian orgasm. There is only so much good you can deal with just 3.5”. But properly driven and with a good sub, you get a big sonic payday.

A rig consisting of five TD307PAII speakers, a powerfully good receiver, a fathom-busting sub, and a slick HTPC will make a terrific, highly compact, surround sound and straight up music system.

Indulge the Impulse.


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