Fujitsu Eclipse TD307PAII Speakers and Amplifier
Indulge the Impulse

Francis Vale

I’m always ambivalent when something gets all up in my preconceived notion grille. Ignore it? Deal with it?  Tell it too bugger off? But the egg-shaped desktop speakers were nestled so smoothly in the palm of my hand, all flush with a glistening MOMA bright heft, feel, and finish. And they came with this totally rad pyramid cone shaped amplifier.

I twisted its silky, chrome capstone volume control, and the speakers switched on.

Wowza! This audio bling sounded incredibly good. It was way too rich a sound for their petite size and below $1,000 price. The Fujitsu Eclipse TD307PAII desktop speakers and amplifier had rewired my audio preconception cortex.

First big impression was their stunning clarity. The little Fuji’s spoke with a single, strong clear voice, with good reason.  They are single driver speakers engineered to encompass the audio spectrum, top to bottom. No separate tweeter, mid range, and woofer, and no crossover linking the driver bits together.

If you are a high-end audio fanatic, you may be familiar with this one driver does it all principle, e.g., the Lowther speakers.

Speaker crossovers? Nobody agrees how best to design them.  All kinds of I Know Best decisions are made about stitching drivers together to achieve a great sounding speaker. Adding to ego-laden crossover confusion are driver designs that vary enormously. Each foolish choice adds to an audibly mad witches brew.

And then we have that big bad Grendel to confront, the speaker box. The heaving enclosure can sub-sonically growl and resonate, adding its own arrogant two bits to the music. Fujitsu says enclosure resonance will extend the tail end of an audio waveform, keeping it going well past its musical prime.

A bad enclosure design can also become a sharp-edged monster. In their maddened dash out the box exit, the notes may go crazily bouncing off miniscule cabinet cliffs and crevasses, committing audible suicide. 


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