The Analysis Omega Ribbon Speakers Vs. Magico

Oh My Aching Balls; The Brain Hates Perfection

Francis Vale


Had my balls cut open a few weeks ago. Seems I had a lump. Nothing like waiting for some serious surgery to make you ruminate on what’s real, what’s important, blah, blah.

For no especially good reason, thoughts turned to music and all my high-end audio words churned out over the years about what’s hot, what’s not and if they amounted to much. Probably not, I figured.

But as I sat on my now questionable nuts listening to my recently factory upgraded Analysis Omega full range ribbon speakers I did feel better about the world; in fact, a whole lot better. Music can do that. It also struck me that these Greek-made beauties might be the most musically satisfying things I have had the pleasure of hearing in my home.

Analysis Omega Full Range Ribbon Speaker

Not an insignificant item that, as in another room sat a pair of ready to rumble MBL 101D’s and in another room was a pair of horn loaded Impulse Ta’us full range speakers eager to scarf a few watts.  But my newly arrived Grecian mariners held me transfixed.  They drank up ouzo watts poured aplenty from a bi-amped Sunfire Cinema Grand, and regaled me evening after evening with adventurous tales of travels across the wide seas of jazz, blues, pop, and the classics.

A Clearaudio Emotion turntable and Satisfy tonearm with its nestled Talismann cartridge also caused my gracefully tall and thin foreign friends to dance with joy. It was infectious, and the Greeks’ carousing behavior also had me swaying my limbs in delight. Perhaps the two pairs of Nordost Valhalla wires running into each Omega’s sub and tweet ribbon crossover box would soon join us and start merrily slithering about the floor.


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