The Analysis Omega Ribbon Speakers Vs. Magico


We may have reached a point in computer-based design, manufacturing expertise, and new speaker materials where it may now be possible to do what was previously unimaginable—Create the perfect speaker, AKA, Perfect sound forever.  The Magico’s may simply be the forerunner of many more perfect sounding things to come.

This is hoary high-end territory, as we well know, with much being said and printed about how vinyl is on a big sales upswing, and perfect digital audio now devalued in so many different ways it’s become a cliché.

The problem, I fear, is that perfect sounding things really aren’t.  Your yonder brain is busily working in the mental background, knitting together long forgotten memories, emotions, and experiences, intent on taking the newly experienced perfect and making it uniquely and messily human, for better or worse. The Analysis Omega’s simply hooked up the various regions of my brain in a much richer emotional sum than could the Magico’s.

And oh, that testicular lump and me? Turned out to be nothing much, as part of my brain probably knew all along, but just wasn’t telling me. Prick.



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