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The 2009 Mac Mini Time For Another Major Apple Transplant

LCD Versus Plasma HDTV Your brain is so easily fooled

Blu-ray Sony Tells Microsoft To Eat Shit and Die, Or Maybe Not

A Multimedia PC Project About time you got some DIY carnal knowledge, don't ya think?

Video Scalers Easy, Martha, put down that blaster

Apple MacOS X Leopard — Vale Becomes an Apple FLACk

The RME Hammerfall DSP 9632 PC Sound Card — Skipping A Forced Upgrade March While Sounding Good

Something big in high-end audio is a-brewing, and it's coming in a very small box. Watch out! The Netgear Ready NAS NV+, in combination with Seagate Barracuda ES disc drives and the Linksys PLK200 for Home Plug A/V is going to cause the digital music fur to fly. Talk about opening up a big can of whoop-ass in the home media server market!

Oppo DV-981HD Upconverting DVD Player Latest Oppo player Gets Into Steel Cage, Kills Siblings. We report the gory details

Read how a little device, the Squeezebox, should be scaring the crap out of the big boys in the audio high end. Read all about it!Or Listen to the mp3 audio.

PC Safety, How I Stopped Worrying and Learned To Love The Net

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