The Magtech Amplifier
A Happy Ending From Colorado

Francis Vale

Own a pair of power hungry full range ribbon speakers? Big stats? Or some conventionally deranged speaker gods? OK, stop reading, like RIGHT NOW, go to Sanders Sound Systems, give Roger your $5,000 for his Magtech amp, hook it up, and then come back and start reading this again.

See what I mean?


I have reviewed many high-end products of all stripes over the years, with many claiming all kinds of bullshit innovations. But the Magtech is the real deal, a truly astonishing device.  Sanders has hit one out of the sonic park with this bad boy.

Maybe they also grow some awesome weed high up in Colorado, where this beast is made, that liberates your creative design juices. If so, kindly send me an Oz or two (plain brown medicinal wrapper, please).

According to Roger’s white paper, “In the Magtech's voltage regulator, you will not find any waste heat.  It will pass virtually all of the watts put into it on to the amplifiers.“  This translates into a rated power of 500W/Ch into 8 ohms, and 900W/Ch into 4 ohms.

In truth, you could probably plug it straight into Hoover dam’s main power outlet and frigid tons of megawatts would come gushing through. And unlike other amplifiers, the distortion in the Magtech amplifier is virtually unchanged regardless of power level.  The bias is stable regardless of load.

But what’s really incredible about the Magtech is its clarity of sound. Not like transistors, not like tubes, but something altogether different.

And when you hear it, you go, yeah, that’s absolutely right.

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