The Magtech Amplifier, Cont.

But what the hell, time for a kamikaze run. I pulled out the two Sunfire’s and plugged in the solo Magtech. 

I plugged in the mains, and seriously expected the snoozing MBL’s to just fart in their sleep and roll over, or the Magtech to begin weeping to go back to Colorado.

Did The Magtech Have The Guts to Go Toe to Toe With The MBL's?

Boom! My big krauts suddenly snapped their eyes open wide. Crazier still, they began to crib all the fine delicate musical moves of my svelte Omega planars. 

There were the crystalline highs again, the well-rounded mids, the grab the floorboards by their scrotum bass, the huge soundstage, and that indefinable gestalt of what makes music, music.  I was made so faint by the experience I felt an immediate need for some Tea Party healthcare (declined).

OK, now what? Either I had a masochist Magtech on my hands, or this thing was operating on a whole ‘nother plane of musical reality. Time to call Joe Reynolds, the proud papa of Nordost, which makes some of the best audio wires in the business.

Not too long thereafter Joe arrived, with Paul Ritchotte as his wingman, bearing Valhalla speaker wires, interconnects, power cords, as well as some strange and wondrous devices.

The Magtech was now ensconced back in the other system, with the Omega’s, which required two sets of everything when it came to speaker wires: one pair for the woof, and another pair for the tweet. The wires then couple into two Omega crossover boxes, one for each speaker, and you need another short pair of wires running from each crossover into its respective planar.

That’s lots of silver fusilli lunghi, folks.


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