The Magtech Amplifier, Cont.

Fortunately, the Magtech has industrial strength speaker wire terminals — the Magtech as a whole has a milled from unobtainium feel about it — that support both spades and banana plugs. By using one pair of Valhalla’s terminated at the amp end with spades and the other pair with bananas it was a snap to rig the Magtech for biwiring.

You want Bi, So am I

We plugged everything back in, and oops, the Sunfire tube preamp had somehow suffered a nervous breakdown. Apparently, being rudely stripped then suddenly put into shiny Valhalla wire bondage was too much for the sensitive dear.  The Omega’s had begun madly clipping in the deep bass.

Like a televised Athenian riot, the Omega’s big bass ribbons suddenly started slamming in protest against their frames.  Crazed Asian kick boxers had taken over the planar mean streets.

OK, shit happens sometimes, but why now? And why was the Sunfire the riotous instigator?

All out of ideas, out came my more than a decade old Cary SLP-90 tube preamp. I literally blew off the dust, plugged it in, and huzzah! It glowed! More than that, the SLP-90 sounded even better than when the Sunfire preamp was previously running OK.

Best yet, all the bad bass body checking was now sitting sullenly in the penalty box.

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