The Magtech Amplifier, Cont.

But man, those dusty tubes were probably as stale as Lindsay Lohan’s last legal toke. A phone conversation or two later with the ever so helpful Chelsea at TC Tubes and along came some NOS lovelies that had the geriatric Cary doing a Viagra boogie.

The Magtech showed its discerning prowess once again, clearly exposing the musical innards of the reglassed Cary. The Nordost Valhalla’s also now had a full range shot at strutting their wirely stuff.

Prior to the Valhalla’s I had been using Nordost SPM wires, which are no slouch. But the new wires found musical details the SPM’s had overlooked. In particular, the Omega’s deep bass, no longer Sun-crazed, had an improved punch, and at the same time enjoyed improved shape and clearer textures.

Another key improvement was in the mids, which were now displaying subtle musical nuances, such as on reeds, or the delicate breath work of various female singers. Ditto, the highs gained some new life giving air. Obviously, the Magtech was mightily approving of the new wiring changes.

And then came the topper, literally: Nordost’s magic box, the diminutive Qx4. This piece of sorcery is part of Nordost’s Quantum Resonance Technology (QRT) series of power distribution products. So, umm, what does it do exactly?

Your Strange Ticket to Some Weird & Wonderful

You plug it in, and it, well, just sits there, on top of the rack. It’s not a power conditioner.  Juice flows into it and there it stops.  The Qx4 somehow beneficially alters its proximal musical atmosphere. This is deep, deep voodoo, even by high-end audio standards, which is saying quite a bit.

Now this is the part where I tell you I hold numerous patents in quantum information processing (yes, it’s really true). Quantum effects and me go way back, or forward, or both, maybe all simultaneously.  Quantum coherence is one of the keys you see to quantum computing. 

Get all the bits (qubits) in phase with one another [two waves are said to be coherent if they have a constant relative phase] and all possible computer results simultaneously exist in space and time.  When quantum coherence goes poof, something it is willfully wont to do, unfortunately for us QIP designers, all these possible outcomes collapse into a single defined result.

God blinks, and a new universe pops into being, so to speak. 

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