The Magtech Amplifier, Cont.

I threw recording after recording at my Magtech-driven Omega’s and heard things I never knew were there, even with music I thought I knew very well.

It was always the small things that got me; a certain string subtly plucked, a piano note lingering just so, a quiet breath escaping with a narrow hint of sigh, a snare gently brushed against like a willowed breeze, brass that now edged into a ripe fullness, and the listening list went on and on, usually deep into the pleasurable night.

So How Far Into The Music Can The Magtech See?

It was all rather like establishing a great friendship.  The longer the Magtech and me hung out, the better it got, with the Magtech showing me new possibilities in musical enjoyment.

This is one really, truly recommended component.  Do not even think about spending more than five grand on an amp until you audition this piece of gear.

And if you own ribbons, or some power mad whatevers, it’s end of story.  Just buy the damn thing and live happily ever after.

Then again, I just love happy endings, don’t you?

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