The Magtech Amplifier, Cont.

So what does all this QIP esoterica have to do with the Nordost Qx4?  Haven’t a clue.

But maybe if all those rampaging, nutso electromagnetic fields surrounding your audio gear were suddenly tranqued, made more coherent as it were, then maybe all those musical voices clamoring in their heads would have a chance to be clearly heard.

Che cazzo vuoi? Who cares how this crazy thing works!  But it does, and it ain’t subtle, folks. Especially when I plugged the Qx4 into another QRT device, the Qbase AC power distribution bar. The Panamax slinked off into the collapsed night. So score another one for Nordost.

The Magtech also audibly enjoyed being quant-ified. More to the point, the Magtech mightily supped on the newly served Nordost Valhalla and Brahma power cords. This amp remarkably benefits from being fed pure, clean power, perhaps more than most.

A theme was clearly emerging with all these system changes:  Prior to inserting the Magtech any and all such changes, while often noticeable, were just not in the same quickly obvious league.

Figuring Out System Changes Used To Be Hard

The Magtech does not have a voice, per se.  It’s just totally free of spurious coloration and grain as it drives the hell out of your system. But what it also does is immediately reveal the strengths, and yes, weaknesses, of your system as a whole.

If your speakers, sources, and accessories are quality goods, this amp actually does take your system to another level. Other great amps also do this, but they don’t cost $5,000, more like $30,000 and up, sometimes way up.

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