The Magtech Amplifier, Cont.

On a hunch, I plugged in a Panamax ACRregenerator 5510 powerline conditioner.  I was so right.  In particular, the 5510's isolated power function produced the best results.  The bass tightened up, and the highs came clean. The healthy living Magtech clearly likes its voltage calories organic and unsaturated.

Better yet, for all of its all you can drink electric juice bar, the Magtech runs only slightly warm, even when the watt throttle is mashed to the floor. Roger recommends leaving the unit on all the time for best use, which is OK, because when idle the Magtech snoozes on only a few watts. 

As it seems to take a while to get back on song after being unplugged, I agree with him about this — just leave it in meditation mode.

So there I sat, happy as a New Orleans shrimper who just found an oil free patch of Gulf. But then the itch set in; time to motor out further from port in search of bigger audio catch.

In my other listening room, I have a pair of monster MBL 101D’s. These big, watt hungry German’s will spit out wimpy amplifiers like cheap knackwurst & kraut.

Pussies Need Not Apply

I got a rude surprise when my tres schwer Hans and Gretel first arrived. It took a pair of Carver Signature Sunfire amps in their monoblock mode, each putting out more than 2,000 watts into 4 ohms, to finally convince the MBL’s to get their big ass out onto the dance floor.

Of course, MBL will also gladly sell you their many megabuck, big-as-a-Prius amps to drive their speakers. But I live in a high-rise apartment building, which somehow overlooked parking spaces on my 21st floor.

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