The Magtech Amplifier, Cont.

And now comes the big however. You feed it crap, and crap is what you get.  Feed it right—and what the upper limit of right is just right I am still trying to figure out—and your system will hit levels of overachievement that makes a shambles of your slacker gene pool.

My rig for this review keys around a pair of recently upgraded Analysis Omega full range planar ribbons. These are great speakers. And after living with them so long, I thought I knew them well. Famous last words, immediately following “Honey, I’m home early!”

The Omegas, Tall, Greek, And Thin.

Initially, I was powering up the Greek-made Omega’s with 600 watts per side courtesy of Sunfire. The amp was fed signals by another fine Sunfire product; the no longer made Classic Tube preamp. [Sunfire and its genius guru, Bob Carver, have a distinguished history of producing high-end innovations at relatively affordable price points.] 

I was also using a big Hsu subwoofer with the Omega’s, but was running the ribbons full range. The Hsu provided a nicely rounded bottom to my tall and lovely Greeks.

As wearisome winter turned to snappy spring the Magtech continued to amaze. My Happy Hellenics were just singing their lungs out, top to bottom.  Pass the ouzo; I never knew these ribbon speakers could sound so good. 

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